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Statistics and Information about the Shop-at-Home Industry

** Details about Headquarter Locations
** Outlet Store Information
** Links to show host information
** Company Credit Card Program Comparisons
** Links to Webcasts of HSN and QVC
** Financials for HSN, QVC, and ShopNBC
** Call Centers Information
** Distribution or Fulfillment Centers Information
** Links to Other Web Pages that Profile the HSN, QVC, and ShopNBC
** Discussion Forums for the Shop-at-Home Industry
** Newsletters and media that cover the Shop-at-Home Industry

These are links to active forums/discussion lists for the Shop-at-Home Industry

Company-sponsored discussion forums:

HSN Community Forums

QVC Community Forum

Third-party-hosted discussion forums:

AOL QVC Message Board

TV Talk Shows "Home Shopping Channels" Boards

(This site has active forums for all home shopping channels).

Delphi HSN Divas (specifically for HSN fashion item discussions)

Delphi "QVC Fan Forum" (must register for free to view or post)

Delphi "QVC Addicts Board" (must register for free to view or post)

Shopping Telly QVC Forum

Television Without Pity (Shopping Channel Shows)

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