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Statistics and Information about the Shop-at-Home Industry

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** Company Credit Card Program Comparisons
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Below are credit card comparisons of the HSN, QVC, and ShopNBC credit card programs.

HSN Charge Card
--$20 worth of coupons every month, $240 per year.
--save an additional 10% off items purchased with your HSN Charge Card
--up to 50% off private sales available through periodic inserts delivered in the monthly credit card statements
--periodic deferred payment promotions
--orders are processed quicker
--periodic special promotions
--no annual fee
--detailed, easy-to-read statements
Source: QVC Weekly TV Schedule Flyer. (Usually included in the box when one orders something from QVC).
ShopNBC Credit Card
--periodic deferred billing promotions
--periodic exclusive product offers
--advance show notification
Other details:
--credit card program originally started in October, 2001
--300,000th ShopNBC credit card issued in 2004
--credit card accounted for about 19% of the Company's sales in fiscal 2004

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